Contact me

June 3rd, 2013


Cell: (518) 926-0894 (call or text)

I work 12/hr shifts full time at the moment, so I may not respond right away, but i will get back to you asap. I live off my phone so I am never far from available.

Some of my work

Pricing. USD

Minimum setup $50.00

Includes a pre-built template tailered to your business/liking.
Average time spent: around 4-6 hours.

Large Setup - $125.00

Includes template tailored to your liking, plus some graphic work. IE: edit/create a banner or logo.
Average time spent: 8-16


Once the page is built, We can decide on a maintenance plan if desired. I use FTP upload and typically have a basic edit done within 24 hours. Graphic design work can take longer.
I bundle edits into month lots. I do the edits as they come in, and send out a bill at the end of the month that corresponds with the cheapest bundle you fall into.