Who I am and What I do.

CELL: (518) 926-0894

Photography has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. From sneaking my mothers old Nikon 35mm as a kid to a 401k withdrawl to buy a new DSLR, I try my best to learn as often as I can to better myself and my photography. Although I have been considering going to school for photography, I have not yet taken any type of official classes. I am self taught with both the camera work and the editing, including learning photoshop and a variety of other editing programs.

I am marketing myself as an aspiring amateur looking to take my photography to the next level, to the public. I am excited to try new things and better others, and offering my photography as a much lower price than many others could offer. I will absolutely work with you to get exactly what you are looking for, both in quality and price. Contact me with your photography needs and we can start making it happen.

Some of my work